Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mac's Reunion Choir Concert

McMonagle's Reunion Choir Concert

August 18, 2012  2 & 7pm

Welcome to Mr. McMonagle's Alumni Choir blog page! We are so excited about this blog page and the opportunity we have to share information about this concert!

On the right side of the page, notice that there are several pages listed.  By clicking on individual pages, you can find information about the concert, rehearsals and other important information.  Please browse our site!

Thanks to all who have volunteered their time to making this concert a reality! We appreciate your efforts!

What is truely amazing is how many choir members there are - 120 in all! Thanks to everyone who spread the word and the excitement there is to make this concert a reality! This will be a night of great music!

Please see pages designated for the concert and donations for more information on the concert.